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The Journal of the Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineers publishes original research papers on all phases of mechanical engineering and related fields in applied sciences. All papers submitted are refereed by experts who will advise the Editor on the matter of acceptance on the basis of merit, originality and length of the paper. Only those papers that are highly recommended will be accepted, and this Journal reserves the right to accept the paper either as a full paper or as a research note. A research note is similar in form to full paper, but, presents material of a brief nature or restricted scope. Four copies of manuscripts should be submitted to the Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Chao-Kuang Chen; Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwna, 701, R.O.C. Manuscripts are reviewed with the understanding that the same work has not been and will not be published nor is presently submitted elsewhere. If the paper is accepted, the author will be responsible for proof-reading. There is a page charge of NT$ 2,000 per additional page exceeding the page length requirement.

In addition to being concise and consistent in style, spelling and the use of abbreviations, the paper should conform to the following instructions.

1. Language:
Papers should be written in English. Each paper should have abstracts (not exceeding 150 words) in both Chinese and English. For the author unfamiliar with Chinese, he may only submit the English abstract which will be translated into Chinese by the editor of this Journal.
2. Units:
The SI units should be followed for all dimensional quantities.
3. Typescript:
Manuscripts should be typed, double-spaced, on standard white paper measuring 21 cm ?30 cm(A4 format).
4. Title & Author:
The title of the paper should be concise, informative and in capital letters. The author name, title and affiliation should appear below the title.
5. Keywords:
Several keywords (not more than 4 words) for the title of the paper should be given below the author name and affiliation.
6. Headings:
Headings for sections should be centered on the page without numbering Headings for subsections, which can be numbered, should start from the left-hand margin.
7. Equations and Mathematical Formulas:
All equations and mathematical formulas should be typewritten or written clearly in ink. Equations should be numbered serially on the righthand side by Arabic numerals in parentheses. Leave as much space as possible above and below all of the mathematical expressions.
8. Length:
The test of a full paper normally should not exceed 8,000 words (10 printed pages in the Journal) or equivalent. A research note normally should not exceed 3,200 words (4 pages) or equivalent.
9. Figures:
Once the paper is accepted, the author should promptly supply original copies of all of the illustrations, line drawings drafted in ink on white or drawing paper (or "glossies";), and photographs on glossy papers. All illustrations, photographs, tables, etc. should be numbered, titled and have descriptive captions. The figure number and author’s name should be clearly indicated on the reverse side of each illustration. The lettering, typed or in engineering type, should be large enough so that when reduced, it will still be legible.
10. Nomenclature:
All symbols and units should be listed in English and in alphabetical order with indication of their meaning and dimensions.
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